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Nathan Lewis


56 years



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Looking to make new friends and Lord willing, meet the man God has been preparing for me to spend the rest of our lives growing together in Christ, serving Him, and learning day by day to love each other more than the day before. I have lived in Alaska 45 years now, and love the outdoors. Love to hike, fish, hunt, boating, walks on the beach, music(listening as well as performing), cooking, movies, just spending a quiet time together with a friend just talking and sharing with one another, working out (trying to take better care of myself). Looking for a Godly Christian man with a similar spiritual background. My father was a independent conservative Baptist minister and raised in the church all my life. Was a minister of music for over 30 years until the last couple years when I could no longer lie to myself and deny that I was indeed a Gay man. And finally this spring coming to the realization that I did not have to choose between being a christian or gay man. So that was a huge load off my spirit when I finally came to the realization that I am a Christian Gay man and that is a real thing and that there are many more like me out there around the world that Love Jesus and want to serve and Glorify Him with their lives as I do. Looking for the ONE man that we can take that journey together with Lord willing one day.

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he / him

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HS, AS Computer Science, Vocational Certifications in IT PC/Lan/Wan Technician and Network Admin


Full time with State of Alaska’s Largest Homeschool Program and 5th largest School District in IT/Network Admin. M-F all year.

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Looking for a Christian Gay man with a strong faith in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. 45-65yo for a Monogamous LTR or more. Into Music, Hiking, Walks on the beach, Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Road trips, a night in just cuddling on the couch watching a movie or listening to music, Cooking, Baking, Technology

Pets, Children, Grandchildren

No pets, Children or Grandchildren.

Faith / Denomination

Conservative Evangelical Independent Non-Denominational Baptist,

A believer in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, with a Strong personal faith, but unfortunately to few to none Conservative Strong Evangelical churches that are LGBT accepting, no longer active within a local church, and not into RELIGION/CHURCH, but a Personal Faith in Jesus Christ.

Relationship Status

Single Celibate, Never married, dated or been in a relationship (with a man or woman).

Degree of "Outness"

Finally accepting that I am Gay, and working on coming out to family then hopefully one day close friends. Coworkers will take time as that will make the job a fairly hostile work environment and I have a good job that I enjoy.

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Friends, My Soul Mate, Travelling Companion, Spiritual Companion


5' 11"




Salt – n – Pepper

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Short trimmed beard and mustache



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No, (Allergic to tobacco smoke)

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Occasional social drinks on occasion



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