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53 years



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New York

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she / her

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Friends, My Soul Mate, Travelling Companion, Spiritual Companion


5 foot 3inches




Full. Some salt and pepper gray.

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African American

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American Black

Languages Spoken



One knee.


Never. Don't want in my life.

Alcohol Habits

Maybe a Wine or Champagne on a Special Occasion.


Never. Don't want in my life.

Tatoos or Piercings

A very small shoulder tatoo. My Ears were pierced when I was a child.

Anything Special You'd Like To Share

When it comes to friendship, Im interested in meeting all kinds of people.

When it comes to romantic persons of interests, I have to list this first:

I’m allergic to Pets.

I don’t do drugs. I’m Not 420 friendly. I avoid people who do drugs. I sympathize with people who need “Weed” for Medicinal Purposes,I just can’t be around it. 

My life is pretty quiet. I try to stay away from mentally toxic situations and people. Women who are prone to screaming, yelling, verbal attacks, putting down Godly beliefs, and fighting.Those type of women I don’t want in my life, Even if just to be a friend.

I’ve never been in trouble with the law. I’m looking for the same in a nice woman out there.

I love Clean Comedy, And I have a good sense of humor.

I take the word “Nerd”, As a compliment.

I’m not into video games or comics though. I like Science Fiction though. Someone asked me once, “Which Big Bang Theory TV show character, Best describes myself. My answer was, -Im a mixture of Sheldon and Leonard…But my Wife would Most Definitely be Bernadette.”

I take the words “Old Fashioned” as a compliment.

I live as an Openly Lesbian Christian Woman, With High Morals.

I believe in Monogamy. 

In a relationship I am more of the “husband” type.  I enjoy those basic acts or gestures, Of holding the door for a woman, And “charming”,  “gentlemanly” gestures.

I have always been in relationships with women who are Femine. Or the “wife” type. Its just the type of woman that I personally like.

I don’t follow any kind of Sports. I don’t know about trucks or cars. And it’s funny to many people, Because I call myself a “Soft Butch”. 

I like to go Bowling. I’m not great, But it’s nice for me.I know a little about Fishing. 

Ive always been interested in other Cultures and Languages from around the world.

I enjoy having positive and fun and thought provoking conversations.

These are a few more of my interests. Science Homemade Crafts, Cooking, Farming and Agriculture, Family and having children. DIY Projects. And trying to grow food at home. And watching and listening to Foreign Films and Music.I love Clean Comedy, And I have a good sense of humor.