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I'm so happy to have found this site! I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. I grew up in Palau, Hawaii and Alaska. Have lived in Washington State, Vermont and now Nevada. I love to travel. I started working with disabled and autistic children when I was 12 years old. I knew I was gay when I was 12. Grew up very Southern Baptist. I identify as Episcopalian now. I was thrown out of the house at age 17 and became homeless in Anchorage, AK. I was going through training to become a ASL interpretor when I was declared to be legally blind. I completed two years of Education for Ministry and started my third year last September when I had to withdraw due to my being diagnosed with breast cancer. I love life, but am now taking a break to heal and become healthy again in order to continue my journey into Ministry. I also love my service dog, Malala, who guides and protects me on my journey. I believe that God is so good. I believe that He is forever present and if we are open and willing to be in relationship with Him, we will find him right next to us. I strive to see Christ in everyone, including myself.

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she / her

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B.S. in Psychology and some graduate school at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.

Two years Education for Ministry and had to stop mid way through my third year due to breast cancer diagnosis here in Nevada.

Four years of American Sign Language and started training as an interpreter in Burlington, Vermont.


Started working with disabled and autistic children when I was 12 years old. Worked for a bookstore when I was 16 and worked my way up to become assistant manager. When I was 18 I went to work as a tech in a nursing home. Worked for the Anchorage school district with autistic teens. Also worked as an Autism Specialist for Hope Cottages in Anchorage, Alaska where we worked with kids and adults on daily living skills, provided training for parents and provided respite care for parents.  Worked as an attendant on a special education school bus in Fairbanks, AK until I could go back to school. I worked as an interpreter for a Deaf woman in Alaska.  My last job was wonderful as a Community Specialist working with a Deaf Schizophrenic man. 

Hobbies and Interests

Reading, writing, listening to music. Watching movies and TV shows, especially Netflix! Love to adventure outdoors. Love the mountains and ocean. Camping and walking. Tending to my plants and my dog. Love long drives while talking and listening to Womens Music. Love concerts as well. I can shop and not spend money. ? I do love my iPad and computer. I do play video games too. I follow an Autoimmune Paleo diet and am very interested in Ayruveda. I do love to cook as well.

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Just my pup, Malala.

Faith / Denomination

Grew up Southern Baptist. Have been a member of MCC, United Methodist, United Church of Christ, now identify and have found my home as an Episcopalian.

Relationship Status

Single and open to a long term, honest relationship with a lesbian who is Out.

Degree of "Outness"

Came Out at 17, thrown out of the house and was a homeless youth in the ’70’s. Been Out and Proud ever since.

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Friends, My Soul Mate, Travelling Companion, Spiritual Companion








I hate this question and always answer other. Wish we just did not concern ourselves with this question.

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Dad is German Dutch and mom is Polish. Who knows, though what else I'm mixed with. Another question I hate to answer.

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Blind, hearing impaired, but I live independently with my service dog.


Nope. I have asthma and Interstitial Lung Disease.

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Nope. 30 years sobriety.


Nope other than prescription meds.

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Ears pierced years ago.

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I may be blind and wear hearing aids, but you’d be surprised. Most people who know me well, forget my disabilities, but maybe that’s because I don’t see myself as disabled! I enjoy my life, but hope for more. I had a very long term relationship many years ago, with a woman who had three children. I helped to raise them. I love to travel and explore. I also love my parish. They are my family. If I make spelling or sentence structure errors, please forgive me. My iPad can have a mind of its own! I love the outdoors, but also love being inside cooking and binge watching movies and TV shows. I’m a huge fan of Syfy/fantasy reading. I journal and write as well. Have had a few things published in small publications. I enjoy children as well. I have a degree in psychology, 4 years of ASL classes and 2 years of Education of Ministry. I serve as a Healing Minister and Eucharist Minister in my local Episcopal Parish. I have a particular interest in serving the disenfranchised. Those who are hungry and homeless and have served at our Food Pantry and currently working on Soup Kitchen committee for our parish.