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she / her

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Formal Training (year of graduation) – Marine & Small Engines (1980), Radiological Technologist (1986), Business Administration (2004)

Lots of courses and seminars – 8 years of night school Photography
Lots of computer courses and seminars


Most of my working life was as an X-Ray Tech – worked in hospitals and penitentiaries. Now retired and spending most of my time working on this website and building websites for others. See

Hobbies and Interests

grandchildren and their interests – lots and lots of hockey, swim meets, gymnastics, cheerleading, etc.

Pets, Children, Grandchildren

Tasha, my little Rat Terrier. I live with my youngest daughter, Landra, and her family so we also have two yellow labs (Mason & Ryder) and tabby cat (Tucker).

Four daughters, Erin (52 yo), Shannon (50 yo), twins Lauren and Landra (48 yo).

Grandchildren Clinton (24), Spencer (16), Stella (16), Wren (12), Asher (12)

Faith / Denomination

Baptized, confirmed and married in the Anglican Church but found Christ at the age of 27 in the Salvation Army. Was a Salvationist for over 30 years and still have a deep love for all things “Army”.

Tried many churches after coming “out” but the accepting ones were too liberal for me, and the evangelical ones were loving, but not fully accepting, so my “church” now is nature. I am blessed to live in an area of fields, forests and streams, so I spend a little time each day when I walk the dogs, praising God and counting my blessings while soaking up all the beauty of creation.

As I have aged my faith has become more inclusive, accepting, and loving of people of all faiths.

Relationship Status

I was married for 33 years to a very special man until he passed away. During the last 24 of those years I was also in a lesbian relationship with the woman who was truly my soul mate. Everything came to an end six months after my husband passed away. I rebounded, married a woman from the U.S. but it didn’t work out, and I have been single ever since.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by my children and grandchildren who make my life very full.

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178 lbs YIKES!



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not so far



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only English, but I speak it well


I'm slowing down but I'm still pretty active


pack and a half a day until I was 27 yo when the Lord gloriously saved me and took all desire away

Alcohol Habits

heavy drinker until 27 – same as above – I never had to quit. The desire was just gone. I do like a nice glass of wine when offered but I would never buy it to have at home.


lots of prescription

Tatoos or Piercings

just ears pierced – too wrinkly now for tattoos

Anything Special You'd Like To Share

My daughter always says that I see everything through rose-coloured glasses, and she’s right. I’m extremely optimistic and can always find the good in everything.

I’m a pacifist, and really dislike tension or stress. I try to live as stress-free a life as possible.

I’m absolutely open and honest, and a good communicator.

I see God in everything.


dog, computers, website