01. How Do I Find Friends Or My Soul Mate?

You've come to the right place.

1. Make sure your Profile is complete so that others will be able to find you by location or with keywords.  Click "Edit Profile" in the Login Box or under "My Stuff" or "My Profile".

There are three sections - "Required", "Optional" and "Seeking Friends or Dating".  Make sure to fill them all in.


2. Upload a good picture in your Profile! This is very important if you want people to respond! People want to have some idea of what you look like even just friends seeking friends.

Some people may only check the Member Gallery.  You will want to be represented there. 

If you don't know how to do it, send it to [email]mary@ChristianGays.com[/email] and I will do it for you.


3. Post to one of our Forums, either "Men Seeking Men" or "Women Seeking Women".

Put lots of information including age, location, whether or not you'd be willing to move for the right person, how important your faith is to you, whether you have or want children, your interests, hobbies, any mental or physical disabilities that might affect a relationship, etc.

You can include contact information since this is a closed membership but I always recommend that you put your email address as code like "mary at christiangays dot com".

If and when you choose to Unsubscribe, all of your posts will be deleted so you don't have to worry about old information hanging around.


4. Get involved in the List Serve. Send an email introducing yourself. It will go out to every other List Serve member. You never know who might be intrigued by your story and want to get to know you better.


5. Visit the Chat Rooms to get to know people in "real time".


6. Be active! Login frequently so that you are listed at the beginning of "recently active", send lots of Smilies, Compliments and Emails.