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    Hi, I will be celebrating my 59th birthday next week and feel blessed. I am a legally blind lifelong lesbian. Came out in the mid 1970’s.  Love all animals. I spend much of my time with my service dog Malala, walking out in our neighborhood park. I’ve been involved with the Episcopal Church here in Sparks, NV. I’d love to email, chat, talk, etc. I don’t drink or smoke. Don’t care for the bar or casino life. Love music and grew up with Women’s Music. I’m a great romantic, cry during movies. I write a lot as well. Looking forward to connecting with someone. Sending out love and peace.


    Hi Malala, I have read your profile, and it reminded me of some of the activities I ahve been involved with. I have been a helper with a friendship club, which is Physically and or mentally handicapped adult people. A supportive roommate for a pair of  high functioning adults, been a cabin leader for camp amasa, which I enjoyed very much, and learned from those people and was more blessed by them I’m sure than me being a blessing to them.

    I would love to hear more from you and your continued life stories of helping handicapped persons. I really loved them, and would do it again.

    I myself have learning disabilities as well as some physical malfunctions.


    Hi   I which you were a little closer  Myself I live in a small rural town called Acton, Ontario, Canada.   I have a cat who is my pal now. I am looking for friends first. I have only come out to a few people. I live in an apartment on the fifth floor and don’t think it would be possible for a dog but never know I have been known to be wrong  Looking forward to your response,  Debbie

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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