Looking for someone who enjoys having fun and wants to make a difference.

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    Although I have been single for a very long time (since 2002), for some reason, around the holidays, I get a little anxious about being alone…I suppose it’s seeing all of the families shopping and spending time together, so I just decided to send out a little message to God and the universe this holiday season.

    I currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona, I am a writer, motivational speaker and international clown. My motto in life is simply, “Have fun and make a difference.” If I can do those two things, then I will have done what God has asked me to do. Have fun in all things, even when I don’t feel like having fun, and to make a difference in the lives of others, even if it’s to make them smile for one brief moment.

    I really never know what to say in these things, which could be a good indication of why I am single. (Insert laugh here). I am 48 years-old. I am very loyal and faithful and expect the same from others.

    If I don’t hear from anyone, I trust that you all have a wonderful Christmas, and the Happiest Of New Years!


    Saw your post. I like light hearted people. I live alone, and it has it’s advantages, but equally it’s disadvantages. I’m bi. I’ve been married 3 times, all three narcississist. 
    So as you can see, I’m a sitting duck for these kind of women. Add to that, the women of the US for the most part are all femnist. So a hetro relationship is all but out of the question. 
    I’ve enjoy being with males since I was a child. Had lots of cousins with lots of sleep overs and boys will be boys. I was also raped pre-school. Even so, I still enjoy being naked with someone who I find attractive. I like a lot of body contact and oral of course. Not just physically, but personality etc also.

    I’m older than you are also. Not sure if that makes a difference.
    I’ve lived in Arizona for 17 years off and on. I lived in Tucson, Phoenix, Sun City and Winslow. 🙂 I love Az. I’m originally from Louisiana. I like to cook, sing, paint, and write among other things.

    I currently live about 30 miles south of Guadalajara Mexico, in a town called Chapala. There are about 15,000 expat English speakers here. The weather is outstanding year round. Cost of living is way less than 50% of what it costs in the states. But I don’t have anyone to care about or be cared about, especially intimately. 

    So not sure if this interests you or not. If so, email me at: jeffwarner@columnist.com 


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