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    This forum is for people seeking others of the opposite sex or gender, for friends or partners.

    Please tell us about yourself –  You might mention why you are on this particular forum, tell us your age, location, if you are just seeking friends, or if  you are looking for your soul mate, would you be willing to relocate for the right person?

    Do you love animals, want children, a homebody or love the outdoors?

    Do you like to play board games, go to movies, love to cook?

    Do you have any disabilities that others should know about, either physical, mental or emotional that might impact a relationship?

    Have you ever been in a long term relationship, are you newly “out” or are you still “closeted”?

    These are just a few ideas to get you started. The more information you can tell us the less fearful we will be about reaching out to you.

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