Seeking friends and my soulmate

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    I’m currently looking for friendships of all ages. I won’t expand too much on that as it’s not my main intent.

    To be perfectly honest, the main reason why I joined this site is because I’m searching for someone to marry and spend the rest of my life with. Someone that is a man of his word and will follow through. I’m looking for someone that is all in and committed to a lifetime and nothing shorter. I’m looking for someone within my general age range, give or take a little. Someone whose faith is important to him. I’m not into the clubbing/bar scene and would appreciate the same. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs and am looking for the same. I’m fine if my match drinks a little, as long as he’s responsible and doesn’t get carried away (and doesn’t get addicted). Ideally, I would like someone in the USA, but wouldn’t completely rule out beyond the U.S. if something is really there.

    I’m an old fashioned hopeless romantic, and I like to take things really slow. I’d like to start as friends and take our time building a foundation and letting it grow. I’m a shy guy, but tend to open up once I get to know someone and grow more comfortable. I’m also looking for someone that shares my same values and beliefs. Being a Christian is a great start. Also, someone I’m a good team with. For more info on what I’m looking for, just ask me, because there is more to it than I will post. 

    If you fall outside of what I’m looking for, don’t worry, my life could use some good friendships too! Hoping to meet some great guys, and hopefully that one guy in particular! Hope to hear from you soon!


    Happy hump day! Being a person of faith allows us to reach beyond the mundane. This is me




    Subject: Looking for a Real Mate is a True Husband

    Hey Man,

    Thank you very much for you to explain your feeling and you looking. I hope you are well in your mind and your Soul. 

    Well, I’m mellow, on the quieter side, and kind. A few of my hobbies include spirituality, (Baptist, Christian I’m a protestant since the Child, My family and Native American Mix Rase family and I am a member of the Baptist Convention family), being in the outdoors, and reading. running, swimming, fishing, camping, cycling, travelling, baseball, soccer, American football. running, fishing, swimming, cycling, & walking. Rugby. 

    I’m very low drama and don’t get bothered too easily. I’m tidy (although not obsessively so), don’t have any pets, and am responsible, honest, sincerely, loyal friend, Man OF GOD. I don’t smoke cigarettes or drinking a lot. 

    I work with Hal Leonard Corporation in Wisconsin I have one Company connection with it. I’m living in Miami, FL. Part of my Family all the time to stay out of the country and they are living out the country in other countries like Italy, Uk, Spain, Portugal and South America, etc.

    I always travelling to this place to stay with them a while, months or days, its depend. I do not know if you do understand this or are you go out of the country someday in your life? I think it would be a good reason for anyone to get out of the country in any country to know other cultures,  people different from( ”’Iin your own world without growth in every direction”’) It’s really sad, I think like that (restricted environment) all the time to stay Growth In mind this is good for the ANY good intellect Man. I’m not trying to fond of modifying anywhere, of course, this so individual.

    I’m want to have something serious with someone serious Christian GUY! I’m no longer play anymore, I don’t have age to this I’m a serious worker man. I have no problem with anything in relation. I have married a guy for 8 years and with a girl 4 years the both ended because I had to change the country for work it does not happen now because I have my own business I spent 3 years in England the first time there is no  good to gay relationship no survives a long time distance, isn’t it? 

    I’m tired of finding craze Christian Gay men who do not know what they want. This is very sick. If you do not really know about things you talk, don’t talk about. I think like that. I think you have to really the subject to talk about, isn’t it? NO, Because a friend or a colleague talk about it. You have to study the subjective very well to you be good with it. 

    I think like you to have a serious relationship with the other MAN. I am free to meet someone interesting, intelligent dedicate. That HE really Want to share life with other one guys. (I’m His and he’s mine). But, I do not know if (HIS) prepare to Have someone. if you already have any relationship in your life you know about I am talking about. Everything is an adaptation and is known to the other in your life. If you do not think so, you will never have in a real one (MAN) a serious relationship or a husband IN YOUR LIFE. 

    This is me. 

    I don’t say what I don’t know, I tell you what life to teach me, what I learned of it. This means GROWTH.
    My name’s Edson Campos, Businessman and Baptist Minister of Music & Worship son of GOD Almighty it is pleasure to meet Sir. 
    I have to be transparent with me and everyone around me, not be afraid to show me myself to Realy love that is Jesus Christ Our Lord. 
    Looking forward to hearing from you so soon
    Skype at Julesdf 
    Whatsapp at (786) 218 4317 Only WhatsApp, ok?
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