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    What to say? I honestly don’t know I have not dated for decades. I have been involved with my job and family for so many years, and now you could say that I’m free(?). Now I’m raising my head above it all this muck, looking around and going what’s next oh Lord, do I dare put myself out there? 

    I was born and raised under the Olympic Mountains. I have walked the trails, hiked the mountains, and  watched many of God’s creatures frolic in the frost on the same cold morning. Only God could have painted these scenes of beauty, and I was blessed to observe them. I thank him each and every day for the beauty I was allowed to experience.

    So called dating will be a tough thing to do considering my current medical condition. Virtually the same day the ties that bound me came off,  I came down with a rare kidney disease, and I don’t know yet how this is going to end. I have good weeks and bad weeks good days and bad days, mostly tire easily. So friends first would be most appropriate at this time.

    Things I like, well food for sure because I’m fat. I like to do a lot of day and weekend trips around the Northwest. I like rock music a lot, probably my biggest sin I guess, 80’s music is my favorite. I just went to watch Nite Wave the other night for the 2nd time in a month a premier Seattle 80’s dance band. I’m also a kind of a smart ass and prankster so beware, it keeps me young! I also love being the guide taking new people to the National Parks in the area.

    I have lived in many cities in Washington and Oregon depending where the company sent me. I currently live with my sister in Longview, WA because the doctor says I shouldn’t be living alone right now. I only know 4 people here and 3 are relatives. Most of my family and friends live from Tacoma, north to Everett WA and on the Olympic Peninsula. So I head north to the Seattle area for about a week or so once a month and visit everyone. 

    Thanks for reading this….hope its ok sounding since this is my first profile page, feels sorta like a job application…hmmm


    Hi Donald!

    I’m wondering how your health is now? I understand that kidney illnesses can be the most painful. My brother had a cancerous kidney removed when he was 66 and he had some pain! He showed me the scar, huge!

    I haven’t dated since my ex wife and I split up in 2010, something I regret because of the pain I inflicted on her and my children.

    I think I’m 300lbs, far too heavy but I find it so hard to motivate myself to diet.

    But I’m lovely and cuddly, warm and funny.

    Shall we be friends? I’m here with no pressure, no expectations, no hidden agendas and I’m real, not a scammer. Mary, who runs the site, will vou h for me, I’m sure.

    I’m in the UK.

    Love in Christ.


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