What does it take for YOU?

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    How many years have any of us craved our “dream guy”? Praise the Lord, now we have at least come down to a dating website for Christians, let alone more mature Christians! I am just coming out in church at 67 y.o. I first came out in college at 20 & led a totally reckless life style. I got saved @ 36 y.o. & was instantly gratified that I knew God had a better life for me. Now after living that “better life” for 30 yrs. I realize I can live a life true to myself as a Christian gay man.
    Of course, my definition of “dream guy” has changed. What’s most important now is that a friend must love Jesus. How he lives that out will be where we start our friendship and get to know each other better!
    How about YOU?! Can we start a forum on “What Does It Take?”
    1. What would it take to satisfy Y-O-U?!?
    2. How practical is that to others?
    3. How have you grown in your desire for a relationship?
    4. What are you willing to sacrifice for true love?
    5. What are you NOT willing to sacrifice for true love?


    I have since I was 18 but it’s too late for me now.


    Hey Kinsley1 – how are you?!

    I almost hate myself for not realizing that you posted a reply in this topic which I started.


    I have a very slow & old computer processor CG website. I don’t know if it’s suggested NOT putting a personal email address in a topic, but I just joined the email list because I am on email all the time & will be more a part of CG like I want.

    I don’t know how to reach you but I will pray that we somehow can meet on eHey, let


    I believe that God will honor any relationship that seeks to serve Him. I find the silver lining in every cloud. I am people passionate to help others seek their life goals in their own reality & to love, accept, & forgive everyone as I am able. I seek a partner who is patient enough to teach me & loving enough to accept me.


    Kinsley , its never to late. where in john 3:16 that says you can’t be gay. its just says who so ever

    Believes. Jesus died to give use his righteousness read 2corinthians 5:21 and Romans 5:1-2

    Grace is Free  Read Ephesians 2:8-10 in Jeremiah 1:5 it says god knew us before he formed us

    that’s why Jesus said in Matthew11:28-30 come unto me all you that Labor and are Heavy laden,I will give you Rest.


    Not sure if anyone is still on this thread. A long shot. 
    I’m a biwm, Christian, drug/disease free. Don’t smoke. I’m very closeted and would like to keep it that way. But if I was in a town where no one knew me, it would be different, especially if I had that special someone to share life with me. 
    I’m bi. I’ve always like playing with males. But I’ve been married 4 times and divorced also. Seems like I’m a magnet for narssissitic women. Sigh. So no I don’t let them get close to me.

    I moved to Mexico to get away from all the drama and such. So I’m looking to meet some nice decent Christian guy(s) to dialog with. Who knows? We might both really appreciate the opportunity. 

    You can email me direct at jeffwarner@columnist.com

    Hope to hear from someone soon. 🙂 It’s lonely down here. 🙂


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