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Looking for a like minded Christian man for companionship, dates, & a future. Friends tell me that I’m considerate, caring, & compassionate. I’m a great listener who makes friends for life, with an outgoing personality who loves to observe. I like discovering new things, places, & people but my favorite place is coming home wherever that may be. I am totally unorganized but very neat. I am merely a happy-go-lucky guy who lives every day Carpe Deum. I always find the silver lining in every cloud & am in my element when I can be a part of someone realizing how much God loves them. My kind of guy would be someone patient enough to teach me what’s important to him & caring enough to learn what’s important to me.

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he / him

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Bachelor of Science – Secondary Music Ed. Music

Certificate Computer Programming


I am enjoying retirement any way I want.

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I love TV game shows, 3D IMAX movies, and visiting local places. I also work out at the gym, sing in the car, play piano and write music, “yada, yada, yada!” I moved to the Philly suburbs to care for my mom.  I love helping people & am as active as I can be at church. Would love to find meetups other than bars.

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Nope, none, can’t take care of either! Never been married.

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I’m a born-again Christian who believes that God will honor a loving/monogamous relationship between 2 men who live to honor and serve Him especially growing together in our personal relationships with Him as our loving Lord and Savior in a new and honest way according to Scripture! [1Corinthians 15:10 “By the grace of God I am what I am, & His grave in me is not being wasted!”]

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I am a happy-go-lucky guy living everyday “carpe diem,” finding the silver lining in every cloud. If  you cry at movies, laff at stupid jokes, like TV game shows, sing in the car, going to concerts, PDA’s, and cuddling watching TV sans shoes or sox please reply. I need someone for fun, who drinks just enough to think you can dance, someone for friendship, for memories, for keeps, & to go to church with.  Are you someone patient enough to teach me what you care about, and caring enough to learn I care about. I have 2 strong shoulders to share with you: 1 to cry on and 1 to lean on. I may not make myself sound so interesting in a single dating profile.  If you live near Philly, PA, please message me and let’s go places!

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I’m growing more and more in God’s Spirit and blessings in my homosexuality. I have never been ashamed or embarrassed of being gay.  I’m out to all the people I care about most.

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Friends, My Soul Mate, Spiritual Companion







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Sensative about my micro penis, but not sorry! "The measure of a man is not in inches!"



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Yes; a cross, 1Corinthians 15:10, piano keyboard

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I am a happy-go-lucky guy living everyday “carpe diem,” finding the silver lining in every cloud. Looking for a dating buddy. A guy who cries at movies, laffs at stupid jokes, likes TV game shows, sings in the car, enjoys going to concerts, dining, and cuddling. Someone for fun, for friendship, for memories.  Someone patient enough to teach me what you care about, and caring enough to learn I care about.

Whatever, c’mon & message me and let’s see where it goes!


musical, single, piano, romantic, religious