I can absolutely guarantee that Christian Gays does not have ANY frauds or scammers within our membership, but if you wish to use other Dating Sites, please be safe. 

Read  “They Might Be A Scammer If . . .” 

Verification Picture

VERIFICATION PICTURE:  If you are uncertain about whether a person is who they say they are, ask them to send you a Verification Picture by printing their first name on a piece of paper and holding it in front of them.

They can set their camera or webcam on delay to shoot it. If they give you excuses or keep putting you off, be warned that you may be dealing with a scammer.

For much more information, see Romance Scams.

Scammers from Ghana – info from US Embassy for Ghana

See our list of Fraud/Scammer Names.  These people registered with us on the old website.  When I discovered they were frauds, I banned them, and posted their names on the website so that others could find them if they did an internet search.  It worked!  I had literally hundreds of people emailing me, telling me their story of how a certain person had scammed them.  You can read about them if you wish.

Note: If they give you a UK phone number starting with +44 70xx, these numbers usually indicate that you’re dealing with criminals based in Nigeria or other West African countries.

These +44 70xx numbers are used as a re-director service to obscure the fact that the person taking the call is not actually based in Europe.  The UK number is used to lend credibility to the scam.

Beware of the following phone numbers:

UK: +44-70xx (call redirection)
Netherlands: +31-6xx (mobile)
Spain: +34-6xx (mobile)
Belgium: +32-4xx (mobile)
South Africa: +27-7x or +27-8x (mobile)
Nigeria: +234-80x (mobile)