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    Hello. My name is Steve. I am from central New Jersey. I am a lawyer. I enjoy traveling, camping, art, museums and home improvement. Irecently joined an LGBT book club and I am a member of an astronomy group. I am hoping to find a significant other for a long term relationship. If you would like, please reach out to me, and let’s start communicating. I am leaving my email address here in the event you are unable to send a response through Christian Gays. midnighter777 at gmail dot com


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    Tue, Aug 20, 3:09 PM (6 days ago)

    to midnighter777
    Hi Steve! Truth be told, I emailed you but not sure you received it because I can’t understand why you didn’t reply!? It was pretty good!! I’m emailing because I don’t want to be responsible for losing a good catch like. [wink-wink!]
    Yours is the most enjoyable, easy-to-read, & empathetic [I couldn’t think of better  “<b><u>e</u></b>” word] profile I’ve read & not feeling that I could <b><u>e</u></b>ver match your <b><u>e</u></b>nergy level & self confidence, I still want to tell you that.
    Here’s mine:
    Friends tell me that I’m considerate, caring, & compassionate. I’m a great listener who makes friends for life, with an outgoing personality who loves to observe. I like discovering new things, places, & people but my favorite place is coming home wherever that may be. I am totally unorganized but very neat. I am merely a happy-go-lucky guy who lives every day Carpe Deum. I always find  the silver lining in every cloud & am in my element when I can be a part of someone realizing how much God loves them.
    My kind of guy would be someone patient enough to teach me what’s important to him & caring enough to learn what’s important to me. (And of course, good personal hygiene!]
    My only weakness is thinking it matters that I’m 70 years old & weak from you!
    Hope to read from you!
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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